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HALOS' History

Founder Jacque Petrone takes over Professional Animal World to run a boarding and grooming establishment.  She receives a phone call asking for help in saving a litter of newborn kittens left helpless after their mother was run over by a car. Unable to find a no kill shelter that would take them in, she realized what a tremendous need there was for a no kill rescue in our community.  The first year, 225 lives were saved.


HALO receives its non profit status.  The shelter continues to increase the number of animals rescued and makes upgrades to the shelter including, a new roof, new AC units, a quarantine facility, increased dog runs,  and new cat condos.



We establish adoption centers  with PetCo and PetSmart in Vero Beach.  We continue our growth of the facility including clearing and fencing a one acre property to further increase the quality of life for the rescues.

H.A.L.O. Rescue was created in 2006 with a mission to create a NO KILL safe haven for abused and abandoned animals. H.A.L.O. believes in a community where there are no more homeless pets and that together we can eliminate the killing of companion animals. For over 13 years, H.A.L.O. has advocated for our community's pets and paved the way for no-kill rescue in our County reducing euthanasia by 84%!

What sets us apart from other shelters is that we provide extraordinary support for the at risk pets in our County. We will never euthanize for age, space, medical needs, or behavioral issues. For H.A.L.O., the commitment to save a life does not carry a time limit or price tag. We aim to provide quality of care and meet combined behavioral and medical needs. Once an animal enters H.A.L.O., we make a pledge to provide them with all physical, emotional, and medical care needed until a forever home is found.

While we primarily deal with Indian River County and our mission is to make Indian River County No Kill we also bring in animals all over the state and even outside of Florida. 

HALO saves over 2000 animals each year, but our work is not done. In 2006 over 5,000 dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens lost their lives in Indian River county. To date we have successfully reduced euthanasia by 84%! With your help, HALO is here to create a no kill community, because it's just a better way! 

We depend on animals for everything including unconditional love but can they depend on us in return. 




























We celebrate our 5,000th adoption!  We start a low cost spay/neuter program.  We open our FIV House, a stand-alone facility to exclusively house our FIV+ cats.


2013 Goals
In 2013, we focused on increasing volunteers, realizing more adoptions, and saving more animals ..... and boy, did we just ever succeed in these three areas.  We have also created a new brand, launched a new website and became a Best Friends partner. 


2014 Goals

We opened a second adoption center primarily for cats in the Indian River County mall. This center, opened in December, has already found over 2 dozen forever homes!


2015 Goals

We opened our first thrift store, HALO's Rescued Treasures, a thrift-tique run by a dedicated team of animal lovers with all profits going directly to the animals. Our first year proved to be very successful thanks to our great supporters! 

We continue to strive for expansion as Indian River county should be no kill, as many other counties already are, and a safe haven for these pets and this is HALO's mission. With 100% of donations going toward animal care, a lot of love and passion, and your help... the future is bright!

This Year 1098 dogs and cats were SAVED! 


2016 Accomplishments: 

In January our expansion dreams were answered and we were gifted 3/4 an acre of property adjacent to HALO! Our vision for the new property is to create a training field and rescue/relief center so that we can increase our rescue capabilities and continue to close the gap of animals being euthanized in our county. 


Our donations this year have accomplished many upgrades:

Created a Meet & Greet room where animals can spend valuable one on one time with their prospective new family… increasing adoptions by 25% from last year!

Constructed 10 runs in the back field so that large dogs can have more time outside and Remodeled 10 large dog runs so that we can bring in and save more lives!

Constructed a Cat Medical Room where sick cats can have a separate space to heal and feel safe, until they are ready to be placed up for adoption.

Created a Handler Position so that dogs can be brought out in packs every day, worked with, socialized, and trained, allowing them to exercise and never feel that shelter cage burnout… helping to increase adoptions!

Pulled permits for the donated acre of land adjacent to the shelter! We’ve started the clearing process!

Created the Angel Sponsor Program, a program where dogs and cats are sponsored by Angels waiving their adoption fees; The Indian River Mall Adoption Center has been fully funded for most of the year and both cat and dog adoptions have soared!

And, the BEST part yet we SAVED:

1,303 Dogs, Cats, Puppies and Kittens were saved, 389 Pets were Returned to Owners, and we Gave out 517 Low Cost Spay & Neuter Vouchers!

2017 Accomplishments: 

This year proved to be a milestone as we hit our 10,000 lives saved number! Such a great feeling...

Continued to rehab many areas of the shelter to give the rescue pets the best possible environment to live. All 40 inside dog runs were replaced... a huge undertaking and accomplishment 12 years in the making!

After Hurricane Matthew, organized our largest rescue pull and chartered a plane flying in 69 dogs from Puerto Rico giving them a freedom flight to a new life full of wonder and opportunity. 

Expanded our training program, now staffing our lead trainer and 2 handlers so that dogs get not only pack work but individual training throughout the day. 

Moved and hired a full time manager for HALO's Thriftique. More than doubling our capacity for items and our revenue!

Created our first rescue calendar. 

And... SAVED 1,669 dogs, cats, puppies and kittens!

2018 Accomplishments: A wonderful year for No Kill rescue!

We implemented 3 additional lifesaving programs so that we could focus our efforts on the animals still losing their lives in our County.


Our Working Barn Cat Program, The Canine Good Citizen Ready Program and The Ambassador Foster Program increased our lives-saved capabilities. 

The programs proved successful with 418 more lives saved than last year...Totaling our highest number to date... 2,087 animals saved!!!

In addition, we were able to complete major shelter renovations including making the Director a much needed office, making a pharmacy complete with our own blood work machine so that we can prescreen any seniors to give them the best care possible and catch problems before they turn life threatening. We remodeled the front office, repaired fencing, purchased incredible Quiet Cottages for our small dogs and awesome 2 story condos for our cats. We were donated 2 brand new AC units to keep us cool and comfy. We built outdoor runners for our Quarantine facility and created a cat intake space... while it shares our bathroom it still works!

Our mall Adoption Center celebrated 4 successful years of adoptions and our thrift store has steadily grown into a prosperous way to help raise funds for our Angel Medical emergency cases. 

Our biggest triumph is we signed the contracts to start the pre-construction phase of HALO's Enrichment Center and raised the funds needed to start the project through a very successful #GivingTuesday. 


We could not do this without you... BELIEVING in MIRACLES! 

The future of animal rescue for our County:

To build H.A.L.O.'s Enrichment Center, an expansion to save lives! 


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