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Making the dream of no more Homeless Pets come true.


With HALO in your estate planning, you will create a legacy that will last for generations and create a better future for unwanted, abused, and abandoned pets. Legacy gifts will enable HALO to achieve long-term financial stability and sustainability.   Almost everyone has the ability to create a legacy gift and for most people, it’s the largest gift they can make. Whether you choose to have your planned gift start working today, or defer it until later, there are so many ways to provide for the animals.


Your planned gift will provide:


  • Shelter, care and hope for animals that have known only loneliness and neglect.

  • Best-quality health and emotional care for animals with special needs

  • Taking care of your personal pet upon your passing.


There are many ways to give.


  • Bequests by will or trust

  • Charitable lead trusts

  • Charitable remainder trusts

  • Outright gifts of assets (especially appreciated assets)

  • Endowment fund

  • Stock sharing 


You may also name H.A.L.O. as a beneficiary to your:


  • Life insurance Policies

  • Retirement plans (including IRA’s)

  • Annuities


There are many other options for planned giving.  They can provide you with tax benefits while they help the animals.  Through a planned gift you may be able to reduce income tax and estate taxes owed.  Some types of gifts virtually eliminate estate taxes, while others greatly reduce the amount of tax you are responsible for during your lifetime. It is important to explore your options so that both you and the animals receive the full benefit of any considered gift.


The HALO Tax ID number is 20-8466866 and will be needed for documents you may prepare with a financial institution, insurance policy or your will.


Note: HALO can help you in your planned giving and bequests, but we strongly encourage you to consult with an attorney or other expert of your choice


We hope you’ll join us by naming HALO as a beneficiary in your will, life insurance policy, pension plan or charitable trust.  Please talk to your lawyer about these preparations.  For more information, please call (772) 584-1782 and ask for Jacque Petrone or email JPetrone@halorescuefl.org.


Ensuring Care for Your Pets After You’re Gone


If you have pets, you want the comfort of knowing they will be cared for and loved if anything should happen to you.  We strongly recommend that you please remember your pets when crafting your will.  Find someone you can trust to leave them to, and talk to this person so they know your plans.  If, however, you do not have anyone to leave your pets to, HALO now offers a program called HALO's Angel's Continuing Care to ensure your pet is taken care of when you are gone.


Through HALO's Care program, those who leave a bequest to HALO can make plans for the lifetime care of their pets should their pets survive them.  When a HALO member enrolled in this program passes away, we will guarantee a home for their pet(s).  These animals can stay at HALO or at one of our foster homes until a new, permanent home can be found for them.The steps to follow to enroll in the program are simple:


Step 1:  Enroll in the program.  You can do this by calling (772) 589-7297 and ask for Jacque Petrone or email JPetrone@halorescuefl.org.


Step 2:  Prepare or alter your will to include HALO. Make sure you include sufficient resources to cover the long-term care of your companions, including funds to cover emergency medical care should that become necessary. Remember, HALO is a no-kill rescue.  Animals are therefore not put to sleep unless they are suffering and beyond care.  While many animals are adopted quickly, some are with us for quite a while.  Older pets or those with medical or behavior-based special needs can take quite a lot of time to place into new homes.  A general rule of thumb is to include a minimum of $5,000 for each of your pets.  This will provide for their care and leave enough resources to provide for any emergencies that might arise.  One way to accomplish this goal is to take out a life insurance policy and list HALO as the beneficiary.  This ensures the resources will be available for your pets if they are ever needed.


Step 3:  Send HALO a copy of your will.  We will keep it on file with your enrollment information.  This will help us ensure the resources left to us may be accessed easily should they be needed.


Step 4:  HALO will send you a card to keep in your wallet indicating that if anything should happen to you, your animals are to be taken directly to our shelter.  Place this card in your wallet and inform your friends and family that you have made these preparations.

In the event that you leave pets behind, this will guarantee a prompt and easy admission at the shelter.  Preparing for the continued care of your pets is an important part of being a pet guardian.  HALO is pleased to provide a safe and loving place for your pets should the time come that it is needed.

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