We never got a good picture of Eddie but this is how we imagine his spirit...

happy and free

Welcome to Eddie's Emergency Fund

The story behind the dog...

The morning of March 14, 2017 we got a call from the Sebastian police department that a beautiful, scruffy terrier that we ultimately named Eddie had a terrible accident.  We rushed him to our local veterinarian unconscious.

He had been hit by a train. His back femur was broken. He suffered head trauma and a torn trachea. The rest of his body appeared to be unharmed.

Eddie was then transported to the Ft. Pierce Emergency Clinic to be placed under 24-hour care with oxygen, a hyperbaric chamber and pain medication until time determined his destiny.

Eddie was a stray, lost and confused and while we do not know how he ended up like that we did know if he was not ready to give up HALO would not give up on him.


We fought for Eddie’s life and were told we were looking at spending anywhere from $4-10,000. 

We started a Go Fund Me and within one night had raised $5,000.

The morning brought sad news. We had to make the decision after multiple doctor's opinions to have Eddie put to sleep. 

They found a cervical fracture high on his spinal chord that was inoperable and too severe to allow any quality of life. He was still completely unresponsive- no pupil dilation, no voluntary movement... he was basically for lack of a better term in a vegetative state. To allow him to suffer would have been inhumane and while we believe in no kill rescue we also believe we have a gift to free them when the time comes. 

We were by his side so he would not go alone and we told him how much he was loved.


Though tears and sadness that day I felt an overwhelming sense of peace because I clearly saw Eddie's miracle...


The miracle was US- complete strangers to this homeless dog that came together within hours to give him our full support to do anything necessary to save him.


Donations even continued beyond the requested amount and after his passing. 


This dog unknown to us homeless  and  nameless, brought  unconditional love out of thousands of people. That was the miracle. 

Eddie's vet bills did not exceed the amount raised for him so Eddie's Emergency Fund was created so that his memory would live on.


Eddie will continue to save those like him- lost, nameless and needing emergency care.  

Rest In Peace Eddie and thank you to YOU who make the difference in the life of a rescue. 

Funds Recap

3/2017 GoFundMe Eddie                                                    +    $5,440.00

Highlands Bill                                                                         -     waiting

Ft. Pierce ER Bill                                                                     -    $1707.00

PayPal and other donations                                               +    $230.00

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