Expansion Campaign

Each year H.A.L.O. aims to expand our life saving capabilities through the enhancement of our current facility and the building of H.A.L.O.'s Enrichment Center.

This Enrichment Center will be both an indoor training center and low cost/high volume wellness clinic located on the property to the east of our current facility.

This center will be an expansion to save lives. To create an environment where underdogs and cats- those who are fearful, shy, under-socialized and behaviorally challenged can receive the care they need. 

These animals are the ones being euthanized daily in our county shelter. They have survived a life of abuse and neglect and they need confidence-building, reassurance, structure and love. 

H.A.L.O.’s No Kill commitment means every pet is given the individual treatment and rehabilitation to not just survive but to thrive, giving them the hopes of finding a forever home. 

These dogs and cats are overstimulated by the increased activity in a shelter setting with other animals and people constantly affecting their progress. These conditions can lead to months of living in a shelter- sometimes, a lifetime. 

The proposed Enrichment Center will give these rescues a quiet environment with trained handlers and volunteers. The center will be a place for them to live in a simulated home environment as well as having a private training center. 

Trainers and volunteers will provide individual behavior modification with the goals to build trust and get these animals adopted- not killed.  

The Wellness Clinic aims to not only help our yearly rescues, but our community. Our goal is to provide low cost, and whenever possible, FREE spay & neuter, vaccine, and microchip clinics so that together we can fix the OOPS and make our county No Kill.















Why the need from the Director...

"H.A.L.O. was born on a dream of a safe haven for all lives. When we encounter a medical or behavioral problem, we choose not to take the standard no kill model as most shelters do, “treatable or adoptable.” We choose to say every life is treatable, every life is adoptable if given the proper time, medical, and behavioral rehabilitation.


While shelters are successfully attaining a 90% save rate, which is nothing to scoff at, H.A.L.O. strives for a 99% save rate for 2,000 lives every year. And we take every life, not selected chosen.


That’s the difference. The extraordinary length we go to give every single life the 2nd chance they deserve. We SEE the last 10% still losing their lives in shelters across the County, and we aim to be the definition of how true No Kill is achievable.


This expansion will give us the tools we need to continue to reach the last 10%. But without your support, it’s not possible."


Starting October 2019, we will be launching our capital campaign to raise $900,000.00 to fully fund The Enrichment Center project. Please email Jacque at JPetrone@halorescuefl.org if you would like further details and naming rights. 

Thank you to all of you who support the No Kill movement and believe in HALO. We could not do it without you!

Projected date to start construction is January 2020 🐾 We have lots to do!

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