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H.A.L.O. could not exist without volunteers.  As a private, nonprofit organization, we rely on the assistance of caring and hard-working volunteers in all of our programs.  Volunteers who work directly with the animals can increase an animal’s chances of adoption by providing additional human contact.  Volunteers also help us inform the community of the aims and objectives of H.A.L.O. and promote responsible pet ownership. The future of No Kill Rescue lies largely with its volunteers!

What can I do as a H.A.L.O. volunteer?


This team works hard to get our adoptable animals out on FB, Twitter, & Instagram

Can be done from home!

Help get animals adopted by marketing them!

Animal Marketing

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Assist adoption staff at offsite adoption locations by handling a dog, answering questions from the public, and facilitating introductions between potential adopters and our dogs and cats!

This team assists at offsite locations!

Adoption Sites


H.A.L.O. uses pack work with the dogs to accomplish positive behavioral modification to enhance their quality of life, provide socialization skills, and increase adoption rates. 

Shift starts at 8:00 AM and can last as long as 10:30 AM (Monday-Friday)

One on one with the dogs!

Dog Pack 

Dog Handlers.png

Our goal is to work with the more challenging and breed discriminated dogs and put them through the CGC program to work on their obedience behaviors to help them get adopted.

In this program you will be given the opportunity to work under the guidance of our trainers, as well as work on your own when convenient for you during normal business hours at H.A.L.O.

Increase adoption with CGC Ready Training!

Good Citizen 


Our goal with this program is to help the shy and fearful gain trust. For this position we need people that can spend time with the dogs and, under the direction of our trainers, use a few training methods to begin to change their perception of people. This position has lots of flexibility!

Shy dog Rehabilitation

Underdog Program


Feed and care for bottle baby kittens or puppies at home. Shifts available around the clock; volunteers must be able to commit to regular shifts during kitten season. *Additional training required*

Life saving nursery care!

Bottle Baby 


Enter data in our shelter software program.

We are trying to enter all of our adoption files to eliminate extra paperwork and have 13 years to catch up. We need lots of help! 

Most of this work can be done from home if you have a scanner. 

Help us save trees! 

Data Entry


Our organization is completely dependent on donations.  This committee assists in finding individual and business sponsors, researching and writing grants, and overseeing donor recognition.

Help us raise money!



Ensure H.A.L.O. dogs get the walks, exercise and TLC they need and deserve every day. Walkers are most needed during  evening shifts to get the dogs out for their last break of the day, but trained walkers are welcome all day long weather permitting. 

Who let the dogs out!

Dog Walking


Promote H.A.L.O.'s mission and recruit volunteers, fosters, adopters, and donors at special events around town. Work at info tables and booths, and hang out with adoptable animals while representing H.A.L.O.

Help spread the No Kill word!



Help with various handy projects and maintenance around the H.A.L.O. facility like carpentry, painting, lawn care, plumbing, electrical work, etc.

The honey do list!



Provide temporary care for cats or dogs in your home until they can be adopted. See our Foster page for more information.

Become an Ambassador!


Bumper Magnet.png

Help educate the public about H.A.L.O. and our mission via media relations, social media, and marketing campaigns. Create a variety of promotional materials including brochures, ads, posters and flyers.

It's all about education!


Meet our FURst responder stars! 



Over four years ago Chada joined a unique band of feline fanciers at the Cat Adoption Center who start their morning by loving on the kitties before getting down to litter box business. And Chada is the queen of passing out kitty love. But she didn't stop with the cats. Chada is always willing to help out at events sharing H.A.L.O.'S mission and being the spokesperson for dogs looking for their forever homes. Doesn't matter the need, if an animal is involved, you can count on Chada with her heart of gold.

June 2019

Chada Lanseer

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Coming Soon

May 2019

Maxine & Bob Grohall

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Coming Soon

April 2019

Sarah Tanke

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Coming Soon

March 2019

Carol Edwards

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Coming Soon

February 2019

Debbie Wehunt

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Coming Soon

January 2019

Tracie Cast

Volunteers are required to:


  • submit an on-line application, which includes signing a Volunteer Application and a Release and Waiver of Liability form

  • be supervised at all times by a parent or guardian if age 13-16 (under 13 not permitted)

  • treat animals in our care with kindness and concern for their welfare

  • represent themselves and H.A.L.O. in a professional manner and treat clients with respect


Please complete and return our Volunteer Application. After submitting the application, you will receive an email to get started. 

Thank you again for your interest in making this world a better place for animals and the humans that love them!

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